Grindstone Devotional

Grindstone Devotional is the third in a series of GPS controlled soundwalks for the city of Philadelphia by The Mural and The Mint. To experience the pieceplease go to your app store and download the app. Then, with headphones, proceed to the Tacony neighborhood of Philadelphia and walk the loop of Torresdale Avenue, Longshore Avenue, Disston Park, Disston Street and the side streets in between. What you hear will change depending on where you walk. 

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Below is a "radio edit" of the content you will experience in the app. We strongly recommend using the app, but if you are without smartphone capability, and still want to try it out, download this track to your mp3 player, and walk the route detailed below. Below is a map of the soundwalk area. Here is a recommended starting point.

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Grindstone Devotional was conceived by: Michael Kiley

Performed by: Tess Coffey, Troy Everwine, Tara Gontek, Jimmy Hines, Michael Kiley, Lewis Korff, Georgeanne Labovitz, Stephanie Nagele, Darren Musatto, Mike Scotese, Linda Smith, Charles Tyson, Ashley de Vries

Sponsor: The City of Philadelphia, Division of Housing and Community Development

Partner: The Office of Councilman Bobby Henon

Project Manager: Maria Möller

App Designer/Developer: Jesse Garrison, Nightlight Labs

Special thanks for their participation and support:

Barbara Baur, Ellen DeBoeser, Jack Firneno, Rebekah Flake, Lou Iatarola and the Historical Society of Tacony, Terrence Marnell, Teshima Miles, Brain Costello and The Costello Boxing Gym, Our Lady of Consolation Church, Pastor Hubert B. Barnes, Cheryl A. Randolph and The Star of Hope Baptist Church, and the community of Tacony

Grindstone Devotional was developed from September–December 2017 during an artist residency at the Tacony LAB Community Arts Center. Created by Mural Arts Philadelphia with the support of Councilman Bobby Henon, the Tacony LAB brings the neighborhood and the arts together to create a unique hub for learning, creativity, and community engagement in Lower Northeast Philadelphia. All of the text that you hear (spoken and sung) was taken from interviews with Tacony residents and layered into binaural recordings of the neighborhood and original music by The Mural and The Mint, performed by local residents. Grindstone Devotional was made in part with code developed for "Hear Their There Here," a project by Geoff Sobelle.

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