About The Mural and The Mint

flier001.jpg The Mural and The Mint is dedicated to releasing all of our recordings for free, because we believe that this is the only way for them to be heard as music, and not as products in Today’s culture.

The name for the project came from the city of Philadelphia, home to more murals than any other city in the country, and to the Franklin Mint.  One rumor floating around as to why Philadelphia has more murals than anywhere else is that there is a city ordinance that requires there to be so many works of public art for so many square feet of business space. Turns out the rumor isn’t true (the real reason is that the Mural Arts Program is just incredibly pro active), but the spirit of it sticks with you. The making of money creates opportunity for the creation of art. It’s a nice dream.

So, take the music. Its free, as all music should be. And if you are interested in helping make more of it, please get in touch. So many things go into making recordings and live shows happen. If you care to donate your time or ideas or facilities or abilities, please get in touch with Michael here:


If you would like to contribute financially, please click on the “Donate” link on the right.

Thank you so, so much.


  1. Jenn

    Well, there is no city ordinance requiring murals in the city, but Philadelphia does have more public art than any other American city as a result of our (first in the nation) Percent for Art Program that requires developers to spend 1% of their project budget on public art. This can be spent on sculptures that sit in the lobby or outside the building or on special architectural details for the building itself. We also have a RDA Percent for Art program that requires that 1% be spent on art on any project that is located in an area overseen by the Redevelopment Authority. So, your myth is partially true! Just FYI.

  2. admin

    Thanks so much. 1% can be a lot.

  3. Mark

    well Philly is home to the U.S. Mint as well. Notice that little ‘P’ on any of your coins, and that means it was made at 5th and Arch…. ‘D’ means it was made in Denver.

  4. As a kid I made the mistake of polishing all of my coin collection. That devalued them. But they were shiny!

  5. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  6. Mike, Great job at the Junto last night. I thought your response to Rick’s last line of inquiry was perfect, “I don’t know” WRT a viable new way to distribute our works in a fair and equitable way. No one knows yet. We’re still floundering about trying to make sense of all the options open to us. As producers and musicians it’s always been a challenge to wear all the hats necessary to maintain the creative/logistic side of things, now it’s necessary to add more technology hats to the wardrobe in order to fully utilize the tools that are out there. Technology has made it dead ez to create and present music, democratizing the process and making us re-define our role as creators and re-define our definition of success in the music biz. Which is nice.

  7. What do you mean ?

  8. Sara

    I literally just discovered your music and want to thank you for keeping music as pure, beautiful and expressive as it should be. It is refreshing to see that someone out there believes in the truth of things.
    Thanks so much.

  9. @ Music : Looking at the 2 sites your username links to is a perfect example of what I mean. You link to 2 more ways to get mp3 files to people. There are hundreds of online outlets for .mp3 files. I’ve got barely enough time to make the music, let alone fish through online distribution. So my stuff is available to download for nothing. I’m not bothering with any of it. I don’t know a better way to do it. So for me, success has become someone downloading a track and sending a thank you email. Done.

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